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From Concept to Reality - What was I thinking...

The Story of a Studio

Several years ago I made the decision to realize a dream. For decades I had envisioned designing and building a recording studio from the ground up. The endless challenge was finding the right location. In the summer of 2016, I was fortunate to find a unique new custom home with 1,800 square feet of unfinished basement, and it came with 12 foot ceilings.


After months of design work, construction began in January of 2017. In September of that same year, the live room was ready for the piano. This left the finishing work and most importantly, the control room... and 6 more months of painstaking details.


The building of the studio could not have been accomplished to my neurotic engineering specifications without the knowledge and construction skills of Dave Leist. Dave worked with me to attend to the most exacting details every inch of the way.

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