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The Immersive Experience

Tenderdyn Arts is proud to announce the addition of a comprehensive Dolby Atmos® installation featuring state of the art Genelec monitoring.

TA 2021 Fall Control Room.jpg

Running a 100 Channel UAD Luna Mix into Dolby Atmos in Steinberg Nuendo.

The Live Room

The live room is more than just a place to record or play, it brings out the best an artist has to offer. Providing over 1000 square feet of acoustically diverse surfaces, the live room is a warm and inviting space, and the heart of the studio.

Yamaha DC7X ENPRO Disklavier Enspire Pro Grand Piano

The Yamaha C-7 Disklavier is the pinnacle of reproducing technology. This grand piano offers the highest resolution recording and playback bundled in the highest quality acoustic piano for those who want nothing but the best.


The live room was specifically designed to enhance the Disklavier for not only recording, but for videography as well.

DW Collector's Exotic Stradivarius 45th Anniversary Kit

From the DW Custom Shop, and inspired by renown violin maker Antonio Stradivari, comes the Collector’s Series “Sapphire” Anniversary drum set and snare drum.


Each finely-crafted instrument is constructed from hand-picked Norwegian Spruce from the Fiemme Valley in Northern Italy and select European Sycamore. An intricate laser-cut inlay adorns each shell that is finished in a Natural-to-Candy Black Burst Lacquer Specialty finish. Watch a video on the making of the kit here.

DW Collector's Exotic Brown Ash Pommele

Affectionately known as "The Jazz Kit" - this was the first of many DW drums added to the collection. The kit is currently set up with a selection of beautiful Meinl Byzance Jazz cymbals.

I happened to be at Drum City when this kit arrived, and Tim Kae knowing me all too well, threw it in storage. A year later, I went back to get a "Jazz" kit and he smiled as he said "Wait here a second..." and went upstairs and grabbed it. Sold!

A great kit for drummers more comfortable with a traditional setup.

Room For Musicians To Go All Out

Filming the Petty Nicks Experience - we were able to get all seven performers and recreate the live experience.

Catch them live if you can - they are amazing. It was great seeing former bandmates Adrienne Osborn and Justin Leighton Long throw down in a way I hadn't seen before.


The Control Room

The control room is where the magic happens. Designed outside the box, it combines the best of reflection, absorption and diffusion using an amazing combination of woods and acoustic materials. A comfortable and relaxing place to mix and master to perfection. It is the brain of the studio.

The Best of both Analog and Digital

The decision to use a hybrid analog-digital system was an easy one. It was imperative to use the highest quality preamps, A/D converters, reverbs, and summing before entering the box mode. Once inside a Mac Pro and it's host of SSD's, the quality is continued with the world's best plug-ins and DAW's. ATC monitors via a Grace m905 controller is what you ultimately hear and the result is recorded at 192kHz/24-Bit PCM WAV or 2.8MHz, 5.6MHz DSD.

Precision, Beauty, and Comfort

Designed for long hours of continuous use, the room is equipped with stand-alone air conditioning and is adorned with reclining Ekornes Stressless™ furniture. For monitoring visually, an award winning 65" LG OLED 4K TV is combined with a Bose Lifestyle 650 System, providing a great idea of what things sound like in a real world home entertainment environment. The control room is topped off with beautiful lighting and adjustable acoustics from Artnovion to provide the ultimate listening experience.


The Production Room

The production room is the newest addition to the studio. Originally designed as flexible room, it soon found a new identity when video entered the picture. Be it an office, a conference room, or an edit suite - it is a great space. It even has green screens, RedNet, and a 4K HDR display - all integrated into the rest of the studio.

Now Fully Immersive

We believe that it is just as important to understand how the listeners will hear your music in a more common environment, especially with immersive audio. That is why we offer several ways to experience not only music, but video and film content as well.


Multiple displays, the latest iMac Pro from Apple, and buried SSD RAIDs and conduit make this a great edit room for video and film. Sit back and relax, and even listen to vinyl if you like. The 8 ft walnut barn doors also allow it to be used as recording room if need be.

A Beautiful Workspace To Prepare For The World
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