Tenderdyn Arts was designed to record a variety of instruments and genre in an acoustically engineered room. Not only are performers placed in the sweet spot for their particular sound, but the use of a variety of room and instrument mics placed for the specific desired sound, gives all elements of a recording a great start. A Yamaha C-7 Enspire Pro Disklavier strategically placed in the room allows pianists to play, record, and playback unique music through the well though-out placement of specifically chosen mics.


Mixing high quality music is the creative act of combining multiple layers of audio into one final track. Mixing not only depends upon combining the various elements of a song through the use of sophisticated equipment in order to balance levels, equalize, compress, harmonize, enhance and add desired levels of reverb, but mixing also depends upon the ability of the mixer to creatively add all separate tracks into a cohesive, amazing song. The staff at Tenderdyn Arts prides themselves on understanding the emotion, mood, and message of the artist and actualizing them into a distinct and unique sound through the highest quality mixing of every key element of the song.


Tenderdyn Arts has embraced immersive audio as the future of music. We offer state of the art Genelec monitoring along with the finest software and hardware supporting binaural, ambisonic, surround sound and Dolby Atmos. In addition to a fantastic recording environment, we have added several different ways to audition your music in both traditional stereo and immersive formats.


As an Apple Digital Mastering house, Tenderdyn Arts makes creative choices in the mastering of final music mixes so that the music is best suited for optimized playback across all streaming platforms, media formats and systems.  The art of balancing all elements of the music into a cohesive sound is a creative process that Tenderdyn Arts understands prepares music for high quality distribution.


We are also a record label, and offer distribution through AvidPlay, DistroKid, and CDBaby. If you have your own distribution set up, we can work with them to deliver content in any of the current required formats.


Tenderdyn Arts has a vast variety of music libraries, access to musicians, and other sound sources which support the conceptualization of previously composed work.  A prime example of arranging at Tenderdyn Arts is reworking a piano solo into a richer musical composition.


Tad Michael Wheeler, owner of Tenderdyn Arts, frequently composes music for a wide variety of musical genre. His orchestrations have landed on commercial libraries and have been written for video enhanced presentations.


Tenderdyn Arts has also been responsible for the audio and post production on feature films, commercials, and videos. We have the full iZotope Post Production Suite along with great tools from several additional audio software companies including the full suites from FabFilter, PlugIn Alliance and UAD.


Tenderdyn Arts believes that all music can be enhanced by appropriate and well- produced video.  Not only is Tenderdyn Arts the home of InStudioNow, which videos the interviews of talented and committed musicians, but Tenderdyn Arts has produced creative and engaging music videos. Artists who come to Tenderdyn Arts to perform often ensure that their playing is videoed for release with their music for a multi-media audience.  Customized videos are also available upon request designed and shot specifically to enhance the mood and emotion of a particular song.


Well designed and eye catching album covers give a CD or song instant first glance appeal. Selecting stunning graphics and accompanying fonts is a Tenderdyn Arts speciality.  Below are just a few samples of albums designs created at Tenderdyn Arts.

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