At Tenderdyn Arts we are committed to providing musical artists with all of the resources needed to realize their vision. This includes all parts of the music creation experience - from initial planning through recording, mixing, mastering and distribution.


Please give us a call to discuss your project or any specific needs or questions you might have. We also love to talk about cutting edge technology and exciting new ideas about the future of music.



Immersive recordings can be appreciated and explored in a variety of ways.


We invite you to discover and listen to immersive audio in a variety of environments: a precision acoustically engineered control room or a premier quality Dolby Atmos® home entertainment room.


Additionally, you can even experience immersive 3D sound from a high end sound bar, a pair of headphones, or simply listen on an Amazon Echo Studio® or Apple HomePod®.



Tad Michael Wheeler, owner and lead engineer of Tenderdyn Arts has fully embraced immersive audio as the next epoch of music.


Discover binaural, ambisonic, and hybrid recordings, to full Dolby Atmos® object based immersion.


Work and create with Tad as he records, mixes and masters your music into a 3D immersive experience that will forever change the way you view and create music.



Experiencing your music transformed into an immersive format will enable you to move from a traditional stereo sound to a format which will unveil depth and emotion for your listener.


Continue to stretch your vision and connect with your fans and listeners at a far deeper level than previously possible. Reinvent how your music created, discovered, and experienced.


Louis Colaiannia

Chart Topping Pianist and Jazz Artist of the Year

Tenderdyn has state of the art, cutting edge technology and Tad Wheeler is a master at using the newest technology to its fullest advantage. 


Stepping into the studio at Tenderdyn one can immediately feel the outside world melt away and creative energy flows! Truly a creative environment and Tad has a way of making one feel comfortable.


Working with Tad producing my latest album was like working with someone I've collaborated with my entire life. I would hear something and think I want to change it, then Tad would fix it and I began to wonder if I said my thoughts out loud or if Tad was just that good! Answer: Tad is just that good!


I was most impressed with the ability to craft the exact piano sound I want through microphone selection and placement. Tad was so patient and we spent hours crafting the exact sound I wanted. What a unique and inspiring process.

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